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Which Social Media Platform Should You Focus On?

Which social media platform should you focus on?

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to social media. Is it best to focus on all of them at once or put all your eggs into one social media basket? While it may seem glamorous to try and take on them all hoping you will reach the masses, the chances of that happening are actually slim. It's best to focus on ONE platform. So which social media platform is best for you?

First, identify where YOUR ideal client is hanging out.

If you are putting all of your effort into Instagram, but your ideal client is actually on Facebook you are wasting your energy and your time. Start by figuring out WHERE your people are hanging out. Are they into Facebook groups or do they spend the majority of their time watching Instagram stories? Once you know that, you know where you are supposed to be.

Next, figure out how they prefer to digest content.

Do they like Facebook groups? Do they prefer to watch Live videos? Do they like to communicate via direct message on Instagram? Survey your people and see what they say!

Master one platform before taking on another. This will help you stay focused and dedicate your energy and effort in the right place.

So which platform is best for you? Tell us in the Facebook group!

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