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Why Attraction Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore!

Attraction marketing is making your life MORE APPEALING to potential customers and recruits. I call it “pretend fame.”

You want them to like you so that they’ll work with you or purchase your products consistently.

The message is unclear though and it doesn’t actually work!

So, how do you attract customers or recruits?

Set yourself apart from the ones who are doing attraction marketing. Most colleagues in the business are begging people to join.

Come more from a place of confidence about yourself and what you are selling.

Make people want to be with you rather than you wanting to be with them.

Then manage the expectations and BE REAL to them.

Take ownership of your business and see yourself as a business owner who truly cares, offers value to people, is an expert whom they can look up to.

Teach them without asking anything from them and make them ask what you have not because they’re jealous of what they see in you.

You have a BETTER WAY that they don’t know so, stop being ashamed of who you are and what you do.

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