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Why You Need a Morning Routine | Sharing My Magic Morning Routine for Success

This is actually the one thing that almost everyone that goes through are in pursuit of a recruits program. This is their favorite thing that we teach them. And so this has kind of been like our little insider secret of one of the things that we do that really brings a lot of success to our clients. And so I thought I would share that one thing with you.

I wanted to share with you a tip today and that is having a morning routine. So we call it a magic morning. A magic morning is something that you do every single morning that is really your routine. I decided to call this morning routine a magic morning. I love Disneyland. That is one of my favorite places in the whole world. If you go to Disneyland, sometimes you can get into the park an hour early and you have that “magic” morning. So I wanted to create magic in my day every single day. And I do that by creating my magic morning. So you want to first start thinking about what you want to put into your magic morning.

The first thing that I do when I wake up at 5:45 every morning is listen to a meditation. I just find them on YouTube, whatever meditation I'm looking for. Lately I've been doing a weight loss meditation and it's been really, really good.  It's actually been helping me lose weight and it's been awesome. So that's the first thing that I do.

Then the next thing that I do is I have a couple of different places on my phone that I get quotes from. These apps are just like daily quote apps. And so I get new quotes every single day that are uplifting and that talk about like self motivation and they talk about, there's one that is all quotes from Oprah cause I love all of Oprah's quotes and just other things like that. So I read my quotes and then the next thing that I do, there's an app called Gratitude 365.  That app gives you different prompts every single day to think about things that you're grateful for. Because when we are grateful for what we have around us, we actually are putting that energy, that gratitude energy out into the world and that's going to bring more things to us.

Then after I've done all of that, then I read scriptures. So you can read the Bible, you could read any uplifting books, anything like that. I read from the scriptures every single day. Then after that I have a document that I put together and in this document at first talks about the kind of person that I want to be. Because if you are constantly seeing yourself as you are right now, you're not going to be able to progress forward. And this goes for yourself, for your business, everything. So I have a document that I write out that says here are all of the things that I want to become. 

Then the next thing I have is I write out my routine and I call it my righteous routine of what I do every single day. And this is where I kind of write out what my magic morning looks like. So I put what time I wake up, my schedule for the day, and what time I am going to go to bed.

For the rest of my magic morning routine, tune in to the video! 🙂

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