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Why People Are Not Buying From You in Direct Sales

This is the number one complaint from direct sellers: “No one is buying from me.” My guess is you are doing something that you may not even know you are doing and it’s why people are not buying from you. What are some of those things you are doing that are pushing people away?

You’re Not Talking About Your Opportunity in the Right Way

First, it’s probably that you are not talking about your opportunity in the right way. I was talking to a girl over the weekend and I asked her what she did for a living. Before even telling me what she did, she immediately gave me a disclaimer that most people think what she does is a pyramid scheme. That sent red flags to me and I’m sure to everyone she says that too. Don’t start with what you DON’T do.

When you are talking about your products or even your opportunity, make sure you are showing them how your product or opportunity solves a pain point. What is the problem that you solve with your products? If you don’t understand that, you are going to have a very hard time selling. If you are doubting the opportunity or products and are unsure of yourself, so are other people! It’s the vibe you are giving out.

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Too Much Talking, Not Enough Listening.

When we go on and on about our product or service, we scare people off. So when you first start talking about all your excitement, be careful not to overwhelm them. Instead you need to be a really good investigator. You need to talk to them and find out what problems THEY have. Allow them some talking time and have a conversation, not a presentation.

Let’s say I am a Plexus consultant. If I am talking with someone, I want to figure out what problem(s) they have that my product can solve. The biggest issue Plexus products solve is gut health. So I know I am listening to see if this person has any gut issues that are troubling them.

Then I want to get the person to start talking about their gut and their issues. When they start telling you that they are struggling with energy or pain, then you can open the door to your story and how this product has helped you with that specific problem. They are more likely to say “I need that!”

Show Them Your Product or Service is the Fastest Way to Get Them to Where They Want to Be.

Then we are going to SHOW them that our products are the fastest way to get them to where they want to be. They are telling you this information because they are actively looking for a solution. They are not telling you all of this just to complain.

If you have their desired solution, of course they are going to buy from you! The more you can show them how to get from Point Pain to Point Solution, it doesn’t matter the price, they will buy.

People buy because of two things: They either want to get out of pain or closer to pleasure. What is the last thing you bought? Why did you buy it?

Go try this and let me know how it works for you in our Facebook Group!

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