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Have you ever said to yourself, “I know where I want to go, but it feels like there’s no one around to show me the way?”

Or maybe, “I know I can make a big impact with my business. I just need clarity and a little direction to get me going.”

That’s exactly what Social Tenacity specializes in!

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One of the things I love most about the 21st century is my GPS.

Yep, I said it!

It does WAY more than tell me where to turn or what exit to take.

A GPS’ superpower is how it adapts. If I turn left instead of right, it puts me back on course. Or if I say I don’t want to drive on a toll road, it tells me what roads to take instead.

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Most coaching programs teach you how to go from point A to point B. They show you the road, which turns you need to make, and send you on your way.

What happens when the road is under construction? Or even if it closes?

You have to figure out which direction to go in next. The problem is you no longer have a roadmap to take you there.

Well, my friend, I can help with that!

I work one-on-one with y-o-u to take a deep dive into your business and create a detailed roadmap to take you from where you’re at now to crushing your goals.

Then, in our ongoing coaching program, you’ll have access to the EXACT formulas I use in my own business. You’ll know HOW and WHEN to pivot in your business or take a different turn to keep moving toward your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Together we will go through everything that you have in your business already and come up with a structure that will reach your goals in the shortest amount of time. 

We offer a lot of different plans to meet your needs and where you are at in your business.

We offer one on one intensive coaching sessions that are a few hours. Then we offer ongoing month to month coaching. 

As long as you have an idea and people who are looking for your solution we can help you grow your business and structure it in the correct way.

Want to see if we are the right fit?