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You Can’t Sell to Everyone – Network Marketing Tactics

I had someone send a question to me the other day that said “what is the best post that I can put out there to get recruits to come to me?” The problem with that question is she's asking the wrong question because she's focused on herself. Her mindset isI want to get a recruit and I want to get a customer.” That is arrows in, right? That's only thinking about yourself.

Today I want to talk about how to be a rock star on social media. We all are trying to build our businesses through social media and that seems to be all the rage and our companies are even telling us to post three lifestyle pictures and three business posts and three whatever posts. And you may have tried that and said, you know what? This really doesn't work for me. Or sometimes you may have tried something and it worked awesome for you. I remember seeing a lot of other sideline sisters that were posting all of these awesome things about, you know, my director asked me that or challenged me to do this, this and this, or sell this many things by this day and I really need your help, blah blah blah.

Here's the thing, Facebook does not like those kinds of posts anymore and they're cracking down on people who are doing those sort of posts. So if you are doing any kind of promotional posting on your personal page, you are running the risk of having your Facebook page shut down. And I've seen it, I've had friends that this has happened to, that they have been posting promotional kind of posts and their whole Facebook account gets shut down. So don't be posting those kinds of things on your page anymore. And I know some of you may be like, well that's what I do. How am I supposed to work in my business now? Right? And that's what you have a Facebook business page. That's where the promotions go because of everything that's happened through Facebook. They're really trying to get back to the roots of we are Facebook is there to connect people with people and it's not about promoting, it's not about trying to sell things to other people.

That's not what the purpose of Facebook is. The main purpose of Facebook is to connect people with people. And so if you are doing lots of spammy kind of promotional posts on your personal page, stop. Facebook is going to start banning people. So my advice to you is if you don't have a business page, get one. The other thing that you can do is you can create a Facebook group and in your group then you're able to talk to people and have a community. Creating a community in a Facebook group is really the best way to prospect. So if you're looking for either recruits or customers, having a Facebook group and building this community around something that you're passionate about is really the best thing. And when you build this community, you want to build it around what you're passionate about. You want to build it around something that you love and then you can show them how your business opportunity or the products that you have have blessed your life and have helped you.

Tune into the video to hear more about being authentic and how to use Facebook for your business.


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